For any one week reservation or one week end reservation, Herve will take you one day to seek truffles or one day in excursion.

Collecting of truffles : From November to February, truffles of winter.
  From May to June, truffles of summer.
  Herve and Monique propose to you to discover the collecting of truffles with theirs dogs.
Guided Tours : The Ventoux Mount.
  Mounts of Vaucluse.
  Leave in excursion.
  Collecting of mushrooms.
Activities : May 15, pilgrimage of Saint-Gens in Monteux.
  At the end of May, the festival of Provence of Monteux.
  In July and August, festival of Avignon (at 15 minutes of the Soubeyrand farm), festival of Carpentras (at 5 minutes of the Soubeyrand farm) and festival of Vaison the Roman (at 25 minutes of the Soubeyrand farm).
  At the end of August, large nationally known fireworks.
Lastly, the children have the possibility of building huts on the property.